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Welcome to Tidepool Alpha 3

The new Tidepool is finally here!

step4 Download the Tidepool installer
(for Windows, also install vcREDISTx86 and/or vcREDISTx64)
step2Signup for an account if you don't have one.
step5 Watch our tutorial videos:

Explore a shared world

Sketch and animate

Tutorial 1 Tutorial 2

Make stories and backdrops

Code your creations

Tutorial 3 Tutorial 4

Some points to keep in mind . . .

* This is alpha software, which means There Will Be Bugs!
* Many things will get simpler, smoother, and faster.
* Watch our Let's Play Tidepool series on YouTube.
* Click Contact to give feedback or report a bug.
* Join TIGSource to help brainstorm new features.